Wednesday, 16 June 2010

It's been a while...

...over a year to be exact. I was thinking of deleting my blog but I couldn't do it. A hell of a lot has happened since last time I posted so I will summarise shortly. I was going through my posts (a lot of which I deleted) and thought how immature and naive I sounded. I was 18/19 afterall. But now I'm 20 going on 21 and I like to think I've grown up slightly.

Last year Matt and I broke up for about a week but we ended up getting back together. It was hard, going back and forth to Toowoomba all the time but worth it. He moved to Brisbane (in with me at my parents) after a few months as he lost his job and couldn't find anything in Toowoomba that was suitable for him.

On my birthday, he proposed. We set a wedding date for 30 October 2010 and started planning. Including going to bridal expos.

In October last year I left Government and got a new job as a receptionist at a law firm in Manly which is 7 mins drive from my house. Started seeing my friends more than I had in the last year or so.

Wedding planning continues. We basically have everything now, just a couple of little things to get and we have to pay off everything. Found a dress for $275 (no joke, and it's new) which I think suits me nicely. Got our rings, bridesmaids outfits, venue, dj, celebrant. Basically everything. Making my own invites as I don't trust someone else to do it.

Honeymoon is going to be a cruise on the Pacific Dawn for 7 days up to Cairns, Port Douglas and Whitsundays. Shall be good. We get to buy duty free which is great considering we aren't really leaving Australia. Don't know what I'm going to do once the wedding is over, it's been fun planning stuff. We haven't really had anything go wrong yet, touch wood.

In April this year, I finally got my licence and now I can't believe I waited so long. It's especially helpful since I work close to home now. I can go home for lunch.

My parents go to Hawaii today. So lucky. Oh and they are taking my brother too. Mum has never been on a plane. They are going to bring me back presents too which is cool. I can't wait to see the photos.

So that's basically what's happening. I'm at work right now, and I should really get back to it before I go on lunch. Matt had a wisdom tooth out yesterday, poor thing, not like when I had 4 out!

Will post updated photos eventually.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

New Found Second Home

I spent the weekend in Toowoomba with my new boyfriend Matt. He's so sweet.

I didnt think i would like toowoomba but it definitely grew on me. Matt took me around the whole city (which you cant do in Brisbane) in half an hour. We went to picnic point and looked at the awesome view of the range (but i didnt have my camera on me so i didnt get photos!)

I've never liked someone like this before. We have this really great connection. It's going to be a challenge definitely because it will be back and forth from toowoomba every couple of weekends. For him it will be driving but for me it will be catching the bus which is how i got home today (he had to work at 5am). I was at the bus station at 4.50am! I almost cried as i got out of his car and said goodbye. There also has to be a lot of trust seems we are so far away. I dont think i would move to toowoomba as i would miss everyone here and i would miss brisbane too much, but for now i look forward to visiting it as we build our relationship. He's also only a yr and 2 months older than me :P
this is the sunrise as the bus descends the range on my way out of toowoomba

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

There is love out there.

Where to begin.

Last wk i began talking to this guy on the net. Just for fun. We've been texting for the past wk and tlking over the net. He texted me saying he had today off which was funny coz i did too! So today he drove here to meet me.

I am now his girlfriend. He is the most amazing guy i have met. His name is Matt. Hes 21 in June. He has been honest with me about certain stuff that i wont mention but i will definitely make sure i talk about it and let him know what my feelings towards it are. So yes today we went to the city and hung out everywhere around there.

I hate that he lives at toowoomba! Its soooooo far away its crazy. He wants to move to brisbane though. I cried when he left!

I never thought i would meet someone like this its still a bit surreal.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Protect urself for free!

I went to the shops tonight to have a look around and walked past these fitness first guys. So for ONCE i thought i would be nice and take their free stuff. It was a little plastic case and inside there was a peice of paper that said 1 day free at the gym..which expired on the 31st of march! and 2 condoms..raaaandom.

Gotta love free stuff. =]

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

This weekend i went to redcliffe with emily. We went to the beach and that lagoon they have there. Was really good but it was so windy we almost gost blown away. We swam, sunbaked, walked along the beach and explored around redcliffe (not much around really. lol).

I also bought a new camera on the weekend! It's a canon like my old one..but a few models better. (Picture below)

I will also post sum pics of the "beach".

i look like such a child. lol


i like this pic a lot

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ive been sick all week! Havent been to work since 12pm on monday. Which is unlike me but i was really sick. Bronchitis on top of my glandular fever. I'm still feeling a little bit off but im getting there.

I want to find something else to do jobwise that will be a little bit fun/creative but i really dont know what i wanna do. And i would need to study something to do anything else really. So thats something i still have to work out.

I bought this mascara today that makes my eyelashes huge! its max factor xxl and its got two ends to it, a white end for length and black for volume. i love it.

Oh and i ran into kaylene and her sister sarah was good to see u guys! its been a while =]

emily stayed over last a couple of pics

Sunday, 8 March 2009


The budgie has a name. Archibald. or Archie for short. Don't ask. lol.